ReGroup is a private equity firm, specializing in merger, acquisition, and strategic growth models.
ReGroup is a private equity firm, specializing in merger, acquisition, and strategic growth models.
Start-UpAs part of our first stage with new businesses, we set the initial scope and strategy plan to determine if your business qualifies for funding/investment, product viability, and overall sustainability of your business concept.

GrowthWe work with organizations to expand their current core business, diversify their company through acquisition or strategic partnerships, or launch new service lines as a spinout or secondary entity.

ExitPre-acquisition / Sale Readiness Assessments, Investment / Lending Viability – probability of successful funding, and Deal Structure that are strategically tailored to maximum and successfully exit your business.

Peer-to-Peer Our groups provide entrepreneurs and executives with a confidential environment to exchange best practice, industry trends, and gain independent strategic input on your initiatives. To explore becoming a group member contact us at [email protected].

Start Up - ReGroup Advisors, Inc.

Who are you building your business for?

Is your company structure correct for both long and short-term support?

Will your decisions today impact your ability to maximize your exit valuation?

Gowth - ReGroup Advisors, Inc.

Are you able to take on capital or obtain funding from traditional sources?

Is your company positioned for a roll-up or merger?

Are you able to operate with strategic partner arrangements to grow?

Does your business operation support multi-site / national growth?

Exit - ReGroup Advisors, Inc.

Who do you approach to maximize your sale?

Is your data room for the company organized to reduce the time for exit?

Do you know what questions a buyer is going to ask?

If you don’t know the answer to any of the following questions, you should contact ReGroup Advisors today:
Do I plan to sell?
Can I bring on a partner or investors?
Does a merger make sense?
How can I expand on my own securely?

ReGroup Advisors – Team

Since 2002, ReGroup Advisors has completed numerous start-ups, Mergers/Roll-ups, and Acquisitions nationally. ReGroup also has investments in a portfolio of business operations, including manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, and supply chain distribution.

ReGroup Advisors is the strategic partner for several smart zone, Business Accelerator Programs. Our program focuses on growth-stage businesses looking to spin out core initiatives, diversify their portfolio, complete a merger or acquisition, launch a new product, or transition through a succession plan. Contact us to see if your business qualifies.

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We take it from the whiteboard to the customer's hands by assisting your business in improving operations to create the opportunity for non-traditional revenue opportunities.